About Me – Change – Can You Relate?

About Me – Change

I am licensed clinical social worker practicing in Tennessee.  My passion is working with individuals, couples and families in the counseling process.

My Caseload is filled with:

comminication problems,  marriage/domestic violence, divorce/separation, parenting, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, anger, stress management, grief & loss, women’s issues, addictions recovery; ACOA (adult children of alcoholics), family members affected by addiction, trauma: post-traumatic stress, rape, abuse (physical, emotional, sexual).

My metamorphosis change:
I was raised in the military, during Vietnam War, married a man in the Air Force, and have a son in the Coast Guard who was in the Pentagon during 9/11.  My son was safe and presently is the Colonel in charge of the Port of New Orleans.
I have 17 years of experience working with the Navy, 7 years of experience of working at the VA Medical Center in Memphis (treated all branches of the military) and 7 years of experience working with the Army at Ft Campbell, KY.
Veteran of Pearl Harbor

Thanking a Veteran
of Pearl Harbor

In  2014, I toured Pearl Harbor meeting Veteran Survivors.   I felt very humble to meet them.

Being a Veitnam Vet Era Brat, today I still struggle with negative effects.

There was no help for soldiers returning from war let alone family members.


Don't Sabotage Your Change. Please Move Aside.

Don’t Sabotage Your Change. Please Move Aside.


I Believe

“Happiness is when what I think, what I say, and what I do are in harmony..” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
When we are Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired…we can change, if we do the work.
I have learned it is easy to change my life.  The biggest obstacle is starting.
I have the desire to share my experience, strength, and hope.
We are smarter and more powerful than we think.
Hope to hear from you,
Sharon (aka Perseverance)

I can be contacted thru the website below for issues I discussed above.


If you would like to speak to Sharon Davis, she is available for a free 15-minute consult.


“your tango free consult.”